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Griffith Institute Honorary Senior Research Associates

As part of its 75th anniversary celebrations in 2014, the Griffith Institute Committee created a small body of Honorary Senior Research Associates – distinguished scholars whose work closely concerns or embodies the aims of the Griffith Institute, its archive and resources.

John Baines

John Baines is Professor of Egyptology emeritus in the University of Oxford. His main research interests are in Egyptian art, religion, literature, uses of writing, and social forms, and he is a member of several comparative projects on ancient civilizations. He is currently working on synthesizing studies of Egyptian biographies and kingship. From 2009 to 2017 he directed the Online Egyptological Bibliography, one of the Griffith Institute’s core projects, which is a collaboration with the University of Munich.

Diane Bergman

Diane Bergman was the librarian (1974-2000) of the Wilbour Library of Egyptology in the Brooklyn Museum, and Griffith Librarian (2000-2017) in the Sackler Library, University of Oxford. She is now contributing to the Online Egyptological Bibliography as a sub-editor concentrating on enriching the OEB with citations of reviews of Egyptological publications.

Vivian Davies

Vivian Davies currently directs a programme of epigraphic fieldwork in Egypt and Northern Sudan, the primary focus of research being Egypto-Nubian relations during the end of the Second Intermediate Period and beginning of the New Kingdom. A graduate of Jesus College, Oxford, he was Keeper of Ancient Egypt and Sudan at the British Museum from 1988 to 2010 and Chairman of the Sudan Archaeological Research Society from 1991 to 2011.

Renée Friedman

Renée Friedman is the director of the Expedition to Hierakonpolis, a site well represented in the collections of the Ashmolean Museum and the Griffith Institute Archive. Exploring various aspects of the desert portion of the site, her work has included investigations of the Predynastic ceremonial centre, the cemeteries of the Predynastic elite and commoners, as well as that of a Middle Kingdom Nubian C-group community. In addition, she has overseen the conservation and documentation of the Second Dynasty enclosure of King Khasekhemwy and the Dynastic decorated rock cut tombs at the site. She is currently preparing this material for comprehensive publication.

Yvonne Harpur

Yvonne Harpur is an Adjunct Research Fellow, Linacre College and Field Director of the Linacre College Oxford Expedition to Egypt. She is a specialist in the art and architecture of the Early Dynastic and Old Kingdom periods, and is working on a book series entitled Egypt in Miniature, and on the adaptation of the Linacre College Oxford Expedition to Egypt Scene Details Database. Fieldwork and research are also in progress for a Rare and Unique Details project which, in due course, will be published in a second book series, entitled Egyptian Tombs of the Old Kingdom.

Jaromir Malek

Jaromir Malek was involved in the work of the Topographical Bibliography between 1968 and 2011, for the first three years as Dr Moss’s assistant, then directing the project as Editor and also as Keeper of the Griffith Institute Archive. Currently he is working on the publication of the small temple of Ptah at Memphis, and on several smaller projects, such as making Jaroslav Černý’s transcripts of hieratic administrative ostraca and papyri available on the Institute’s website.

Judith McKenzie (1957-2019)

Judith McKenzie was the director of the Manar al-Athar open-access photo archive, a Senior Research Fellow of the Late Antique Egypt and the Holy Land Project and the director of the Khirbet et-Tannur Nabataean Temple project. She was also University Research Lecturer, Oriental Studies.

Gesa Schenke

Gesa Schenke is an archaeologist by training who now works as a Coptic papyrologist, having studied Classics, Archaeology and Egyptology in the USA and Germany. Her research focuses on Late Antique and early Islamic Egypt, especially Coptic literary and documentary texts.

Helen Whitehouse

Helen Whitehouse, formerly curator of the Egyptian and Nubian collections in the Ashmolean Museum, has a particular interest in Graeco-Roman Egypt and the post-classical reception of Egyptian antiquities; her current research is focused on painting and drawing in antiquity and the recording of antiquities from the Renaissance onwards.